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N-332 This Photoshop frame will help you to design something like cartoon characters with the colorful spectrum background. But that's not all. You also create a calendar page with your picture inspired by the coming spring. N-331 You can create a lovely Easter collage with this Photoshop effect. There are many bright Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny and certainly your picture in it. Perfect to congratulate your relatives and friends on Easter. N-330 When your hubby has wallpapered one of the walls in the garage with your pictures, it means you are dear to him as much as his cool car. Try this Photoshop effect to see how it looks like. Impressive, isn't it? N-329 A blind date in the bar. All you have got is a picture of your date on the table in front of you. Have you imagined the situation? You can create such a compilation yourself with your pictures by applying this Photoshop effect. N-328 You can turn your photo into a sketch done in chalk by a small pavement-artist. All you have to do is to paste your picture into this Photoshop frame. It works best with portraits because she hasn't managed to draw tiny details yet. N-327 Hocus-pocus, oops and your picture is placed on the lens of the camera with this Photoshop effect. And the funny amateur photographer strengthens the impression. Try this effect just for fun and you won't regret it. N-326 If you want to turn your pictures into watercolours, try this Photoshop effect. They will be drawn with a rough paintbrush but nevertheless look very enjoyable. Ideal for landscapes and still lives. N-325 One more startling wallpaper for your computer with your picture right in the centre of it. The photo depicted with this Photoshop effect is glowing from inside and the whole collage is made in all shades of blue. N-324 A race from one shithouse to the next. A lifetime of sitting on the pan. You will transform your picture into the pan cover with this Photoshop effect. Looks funny but what is natural is not dirty. N-323 You might easily make a photo look more like a watercolour painting or rather like a nice collage with this Photoshop effect. Your picture will be hardly visible inside a frame of dominating yellow and blue. N-322 You will have a lot of fun with your friends when applying this Photoshop effect. The trick is very simple: you download your picture into a big red balloon located near an apartment house. Looks very funny indeed! N-321 Paste your picture into this frame to find it on the wall of some shopping mall. The picture must be of no use any more that's why a paper-hanger is removing it. Such a collage can be created with this Photoshop effect N-320 Add easily the sky and water reflection to any photo with this Photoshop effect. The collage you will get contains many elements and looks rather like a wallpaper than just an ordinary picture perfected in the Photoshop. N-319 Here's a compilation of the nicest Photoshop effect you can take into reference. A variety of filters and techniques help you to produce an image in an experimental style. The tricks of the light make your pictures look marvellous. N-318 You can carve your picture on the trunk of a birch-tree and fill the carving with charcoal. So you will get an image in black and white colours with this Photoshop effect. But it isn't worse doing it in reality. Let it be only virtual. Protect the nature! N-317 You'll have to choose two images for this collage and combine them. For these are wooden frames tied together, it's better to take photos of your dearest people so that you could see them any time you like.