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N-316 This Photoshop effect works best with pictures of people. You can put images onto your favourite coffee-cup. Maybe the taste of your coffee will be better when you make such a collage. Once in a while you may also change pictures. N-315 News on TV! So what, you will say? Nothing special if the newscaster were not a sheep and you were not on the screen in the news report. Try this Photoshop effect just to see how funny the whole collage is. N-314 When you use this Photoshop effect, you will find your picture on the ground somewhere in the downtown area. It's not completed yet but the painter does his best. There's no doubt that he'll manage to finish it because he works with such enthusiasm. N-313 Initial shots for this effect are taken from the blockbuster N-312 This is my secretary and that is my boss. It's difficult to say who is who. After all it doesn't matter. But al least you can create a collage with a sexy brunette holding one of your pictures in her hand by applying this Photoshop effect. N-311 If your picture is drawn in charcoal on the wall, there's always going to be somebody who will show up to take a pee at it. That's how it is in the real life. And you can see how it looks like with this humorous Photoshop effect. N-310 A little funny puppy holding your ragged picture in the mouth. Looks touching, doesn't it? Maybe it can't do without you. Try this Photoshop effect in order not to forget that home animals are the members of our families. N-309 If you use this Photoshop effect for your collage, you'll get your pictures enframed with poppies. You can believe that your face will look great in such surroundings. Best of all matches red or reddish clothes. N-308 Do you want to have a collage with a tiger? It's possible with this Photoshop effect. It looks a little bit funny because the tiger put his paw on your picture and is licking it. Perfect for the animals' lovers. N-307 Transform any picture of yours into a cloud of smoke being exhaled by a man puffing on a cigarette. No secret that smoking is detrimental to health. But nevertheless the collage you can create with this Photoshop effect has something captivating. At least you look like a ghost. N-306 Dollars with your picture on the washing line don't mean that you are a counterfeiter. That's just a funny collage you can make with this Photoshop effect. Create a bit of an optical illusion pasting your photo into dollar bills. N-305 Turn a photo of your beloved into an amorous postcard with this Photoshop effect. Your girl-friend won't be disappointed at all. On the contrary! She will be overwhelmed with your tenderness N-304 Looking at how powerful this Photoshop effect might be for photo editing, you won't have to care if you suck at taking pictures or being called an amateur photographer. Before you pick up some Photoshop editing skills, it will impress those who sees them. N-303 A silhouette of your picture on the umbrella? This Photoshop effect will help you to make such a collage. All you need is to paste your picture into the frame and you'll get a spectacular  scene featuring a girl who carries this umbrella in the park. N-302 Here's one more Photoshop effect you might pay attention to. You will create a collage of a person taken from a normal photo, adding colorful light to it as if the light source is located behind her or him. Besides there's a funny little girl in it.