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N-301 You can combine lilac and violet shades of spring colours and create a lovely calendar with your pictures in it with this Photoshop effect. Used variety of filters and techniques makes this calendar look really impressive. N-300 Try this Photoshop effect to create an abstract and philosophical composition in which you don't know who you are and where you are going to. Very impressive, one must admit. That's a collage that makes us think what we are living for. N-299 If you paste your picture into this frame, you will get a lyrical callage with your image in the background. It gives an impression of sadness and a dream at the same time. Try this Photoshop effect to see how it looks like. N-298 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada, the host nation won 14 gold medals, including ice hockey having beaten their rivals from the USA both in the men's and women's hockey tournaments. That's why Canadian fans are so happy. And you can add a picture of yours to their picture N-297 The City of Vancouver, Olympic Winter Games 2010. The Government of Canada, their partners and sponsors hosted two exciting outdoor celebrations downtown. Every day many people lined up to take part in the best Canadian and international entertainments, big-screen Olympic highlights, sponsor pavilions and much more - all for free. What about being there by applying this Photoshop effect. N-296 But, only fancy, three huge puppets are holding your picture! Hard to imagine? You can create such a collage with this Photoshop effect. It looks a bit unusual but still makes you laugh at it. After all it isn't boring at all. N-295 You might create  an enjoyable collage on the army topic with this Photoshop effect. Demobees will like it first of all. Who doesn't know that they like to make army albums before demobbing? N-294 It must have been a work of an abstractionist because you will hardly recognize your image in it. There so many bright colours and it is difficult to say what it is at the first sight. But nevertheless it has an original effect and you will not pity if you make this collage. N-293 Here is one more lightbox where you can paste your picture into. Maybe it is not a masterpiece but at least looks charming. Download your image and you will see that it is really true. Perfect for still lives and pictures of the nature. N-292 You will see only outlines of your face on the school blackboard with this Photoshop effect. And a lovely girl is standing in front of the blackboard. It looks very teasing because the girl is wearing nothing but a mini-skirt. N-291 You can create a collage with female mannequins in the lit up window-shop by applying this Photoshop effect. You stand out in the crowd and look quite extraordinary in the glowing  neon lights. Could you expect something like that? N-290 In the picture-gallery an expert is standing in front of a picture. You can turn the picture into your portrait with this Photoshop effect. It will be a watercolour of yours or something in Claude Monet style.Looks really great. N-289 Creative work in the office takes o lot of efforts. And if you have to design something original, your efforts double. In the compilation you are going to do with this Photoshop effect, you will experience creativity in the office and your own creativity.