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N-273 Your picture on  the top of a huge bunch of flowers: roses of different colours. Can you imagine that? Looks very touching. Such a collage must be made on a special occasion with this Photoshop effect. All you need is to select a suitable photo for it. N-272 N-271 You can paste your picture into a frame with a glass of red wine with this Photoshop effect. Looks very funny! Try it and you will see a nice collage which could decorate every holiday. You are sure to like it. N-270 It is going to be a compilation with a picture of David Duchovny from the TV series N-269 If you paste your picture into this frame, you will get a very romantic collage with spring flowers. It's ideal for sweethearts and beloved. Your temperature will rise by several degrees and your heart will beat faster. N-268 A sexy cutie in lingerie. Your picture in her hands. You are not dreaming, it's true. Sorry, but only with this Photoshop effect. Apply it to see how it looks like. If you don't like the collage, maybe you will like the cutie. N-267 Figure-skating attracts many fans because it has an irresistible fascination. But sometimes sportsmen fall down on the ice in very clumsy poses. This funny Photoshop effect lets you create a collage with your picture on the sideboard of the skating-rink right near one of those lame ducks. N-266 Have you ever been to Hooters? The sex appeal of the waitresses is a primary part of the  restaurants' image. If not, why shouldn't you get there virtually. It is possible with this Photoshop effect. The funniest thing is that you will find your picture on the top of a big round cake. N-265 You are taken short and have to hurry to a public WC. Sometimes it happens. But could you imagine your picture in there? Funny, isn't it? Such a collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. Try and you won't regret it. N-264 Tattoos are dead trendy. But people always hesitate before they have one made. You can turn your picture into a tattoo on the 	forearm of some celebrity. Apply this Photoshop effect in order to see how it looks like sideways. N-263 Home! Sweet home! Everything is so cosy and comfortable. And your picture in the frame on the wall. Try this Photoshop effect and you will create a nice collage with your peaceful home atmosphere. N-262 The bus won't come any more. It's too late. An empty bus-stop brightly lit up deep in the night. That's the place where you can paste your pictures into by applying this Photoshop effect. Believe it or not, looks a bit mysterious. N-261 Living in harmony with nature is a wonderful thing.Then you feel harmony in your heart. This Photoshop effect lets you create a collage in winter motives with any image of yours. It is going to be black and white but still keeps its charm. N-260 Paste three pictures into the frames, it's better to take funny ones, and you will see how popular they are in the forest. At least all the animals have come together to take a look at them. That's what you can create with this Photoshop effect. N-259 Effective advertising pushes every business. If you don't care about business you may care about effective advertising. Create a collage with your own pictures by applying this Photoshop effect and check if it is really effective advertising. N-258 A macho is looking at your pictures in a simple wooden frame. Has he fallen in love at last? Who knows? But at least such a collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. Try it just for fun!