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N-211 You can turn your picture into a sketch in crayons with this Photoshop effect. Looks very romantic, especially if it is a picture of nature or something like that. After all why shouldn't you try to be a painter? N-210 You don't have to use the Photoshop to gather your favorite pictures at one page. It is possible to do it by applying  this Photoshop effect. The collage you create looks like a page of a photo album where you can inset your most precious pictures. N-209 A simple but fascinating collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. You might decorate the desktop of your computer with it or just keep it as a frame for your favorite pictures. Tastes differ and you never know what you may like. N-208 This is something we can't do without. So, no wonder if you'd be glad to see your picture in it. Nobody will reveal you a secret what it is. Then it wouldn't be interesting But there is no doubt you'll be satisfied with this Photoshop effect. N-207 This Photoshop effect is sure for the dogs' lovers. You can't even imagine where you'll find your picture with it. Don't miss a chance to apply it and if you have a sense of humour, you'll see how funny it is. N-206 Your picture on the cover of an album in the hands of some celebrity must be a nice feeling. You can create such a collage with this Photoshop effect. Nothing special at the first sight, you will say. But you might be a fan of hers. N-205 There is something mystical in this Photoshop effect. Your picture is fading at the far end of the railway tunnel. And shades of dark brown, black and green only strengthen the impression of mystery. N-204 A philharmonic orchestra is listening to what you are talking about. Who know? Perhaps you are teaching them how to play. At least such a funny collage can be created by applying  this Photoshop effect. N-203 Could you imagine a department of electronics in the shopping mall with dozens of TV-sets and your picture in every screen. That's what you might do with this Photoshop effect. It looks a little bit funny or maybe a little bit odd but you'never know but you'll never know before you try it. N-202 You picture in the circle of the characters of funny animated cartoons, doesn't it sound great? And you can inset a picture of your babies with this Photoshop effect. They will surely like it. Looks really extraordinary! N-201 By applying  this Photoshop effect you can create a nice collage with three pictures in it. These can be your close friends, relatives, anybody you'd like to see and care about. You won't be disappointed in any way! N-200 One more cheerful Photoshop effect! So don't miss a chance of having fun with your kids. They are sure to like it. Try this Photoshop effect and you'll see a smile on your daughter's or son's face. Because they still live in the magic world of fairy-tales. N-199 Do you like horror movies? Then it's just for you. Maybe the collage you create with this Photoshop effect will provoke laughter with your friends too. But you'd better keep it away from your children. N-198 This collage looks very funny, With a lot of funny bunnies. And the bunnies like all bunnies, Also look somehow funny. You can create a fascinating collage for your kids with this Photoshop effect. N-197 Your picture as a wallpaper on the display of a computer can be so attractive that even cats will sit there looking at it for hours. That's what can be done with this Photoshop effect. Looks really cute, don't you think so?