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N-181 Halloween can't always be funny. It is deeply rooted in the past. But with this Photoshop effect it doesn't look so sad. Try and you'll see. N-180 Well, I am scared, back to the Hallween again. But it's only me. Appling this Photoshop effect you can create a collage with your wildest dreams. Tastes differ and we differ - you and me. And if you ever apply this Photoshop effect you never regret it. N-179 Another wallpaper to the Hallween. It can also be used as a congratulation for your friends.Funny, exciting and at the same time mysterious what one has for more? Try this Photoshop effect and you shall see what you shall see. N-178 Hallween keeps a mystery in itself. It's a fascinating holiday which turned from the religious into the funny one. Use this Photoshop effect to make a wallpaper for your computer. N-177 A funny Photoshop effect in which a monkey is holding your picture. It must be interested in it. Otherswise why should it be so interested in your photo? But monkeys are monkeys. Who knows what is there on their mind? N-176 You can make a brilliant collage with this Photoshop effect. It's all about advertising again but under the other point of view. You can share it with your friends because it's, without any doubt, a cool stuff. N-175 A nice collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. It's all about love and will be perfect to the St. Valentine's day. You'll never regret it when you try it because it really looks touching. N-174 With this Photoshop effect you can create a collage with roses and your picture in the front. Your tender feelings and love can be expressed by it. Send it to your beloved and you will see what happens N-173 That's really cool being in the back jeans' pocket of a girl. It does look very funny! Try this Photoshop effect to see how it looks like. N-172 If you are taken short somewhere downtown, you'll understand how it feels. Try this Photoshop effect to create a collage with you sitting in the restroom. You will probably say: Mom, I've just come in time. N-171 Bruce Willis is a tough guy. He never goes out without a gun. At least in the movies. But you can follow him with Photoshop effect. Don't worry, you will stay safe. You'll just look at what he is doing. N-170 Oh, it's all about love. A very nice collage can be made with this Photoshop effect. The colours indulge your eyes and your pictures only tease. Share them with your sweetheart. N-169 You are being interviewed. And why not? Maybe you have something to tell people about. Try this Photoshop effect to see if you can really be a very important person and deserve an interview. N-168 Oops! And your picture has been taken with a celly camera. Apply this Photoshop effect to see how it looks like. Once in a while shit happens. But luckily it hardens fast. N-167 This cat must be wearing contact lenses with your pictures. And it looks great! Try this Photoshop effect to check if it is really so. N-166 This Photoshop effect turns your picture into the negative in the hand of a photographer. Nothing creative you will say! Who knows? Who knows? You'll never know before you try.