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N-165 If you decide to create a collage with this Photoshop effect, don't show it to your children. Looks nasty. N-164 Famous movie companies are known all around the world: 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer... Oh, the last one is your favorite? Why shouldn't you try to replace the well-known lion with you photo. It is possible with this funny Photoshop effect. N-163 Feel confident about your style. Let the others follow you. There are people who are constantly nagging and there are those who are doing something without saying a word. And they are the winners. They are looked at. This Photoshop effect allows you to create a collage in which you are looked at. N-162 After a fashion show it has turned out that you are the only one who can represent a new Dior's collection to the public. No wonder! Your pictures deserve it. Try this Photoshop effect to find out if it's really true. N-161 You can manage your pictures with this Photoshop effect. A page from the photoalbum with multiplied pictures of yours. It doesn't look funny, it doesn't look cool, it does look sophisticated. N-160 Your pictures as souvenirs from celebrities could also be. By applying this Photoshop effect you will see how it looks like. Hopefully you have nothing against that your pictures were being handed out as souvenirs from celebrities. N-159 With this Photoshop effect you can create a collage with your picture in a big lightbox. All alone in the night and the darkness strengthens the impression. Never say die! Being all alone in the night helps you to identify yourself. N-158 A very simple and a kind of childish collage can be designed with this Photoshop effect. At the first sight there is nothing special in it but nevertheless it attracts your eyes. Maybe you will find a reflection of your childhood in it. N-157 People are changing. With every day, with every minute. Changes are something that nobody can avoid. Hopefully these are changes for better, not for worse. Take a look how you can change during one week with this philosophical Photoshop effect. N-156 In the jungle where there are many wild monkeys one of them is holding your picture. You can create such a collage with this funny Photoshop effect. Nobody can say for sure whether you will like it but it is really a very cool stuff. N-155 Turn your picture into a sketch done in pencil with this Photoshop effect. You would hardly manage to do something like that in your real life. N-154 Your picture is riding off into the sunset with a small church in the front. That's what you can create with this Photoshop effect. Looks fascinating. An incredible experience which promotes a better understanding of the nature in general and yourself in particular. N-153 Enframe your pictures with this Photoshop effect. You are sure to like the frame because it's a kind of a masterpiece. Pastel shades of colours combined with your nice pictures can create an atmosphere of a real holiday. N-152 Click the mouse a couple of times and your picture will turn into a wallpaper of the computer with this Photoshop effect. Isn't that really tough? N-151 Can you imagine the Statue of Liberty holding one of your pictures in the hand? This Photoshop effect makes it possible. It's hard to say whether you like such a collage but you'll never know until you try.