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N-150 Don't forget that you still have a sense of humour! If you want to play a practical joke on your colleagues, just apply this Photoshop effect. Imagine how they wonder when seeing yourselves in a billboard downtown. N-149 With this Photoshop effect you can express your tender feelings and love. Make a collage and send it to your sweetheart. You'll see that you won't regret it. Ideal for the St.Valentine's day because love isn't quite complicated enough as it is. N-148 Don't miss a chance for your pictures to be seen by others! With this Photoshop effect you can inset your pictures into the frame of a billboard somewhere in the center of a big city. The traffic is heavy but who cares? N-147 If you wanna see yourself in the magic world movies, try this Photoshop effect. Maybe it will turn out that it is not your idea of heaven but nevertheless it is worth trying. N-146 A friend in need is a friend indeed. By applying this Photoshop effect you can design a collage with your friend holding your picture. Without any doubt you will like it especially if you are fond of animals. N-145 Jump at the opportunity to design a very lyrical collage. With this Photoshop effect your picture is glowing in the colours of the first spring tulips. No doubt you'll be overwhelmed by such a combination of colours. N-144 Good old gramophone record with your picture on it. Such a collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. Sometimes people look into the past and don't believe that it really was. N-143 The man in the picture I am holding in my hand, says the former President of some European country, is our national pride. And it can be you. Try this funny Photoshop effect to see how it looks like.