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N-142 Mirror, mirror<br> On the wall<br> Can you tell<br> me who to call?...<br> Pastel shades of the collage you can create by applying this Photoshop effect make a touching composition of a fairytale and reality. N-141 If you want to create a romantic wallpaper with flowers and your picture in a frame, apply this Photoshop effect. You are sure to like it. The wallpaper you create comprises tenderness and light you can hardly ever find in the real life. N-140 It was the best vacation at sea. You all the days spent at the beach. Swam in the ocean. Basking under the warm sun. Neither step would not leave his half. Holding the hand even under water. And in the end leaves collected his feeling of the stones. N-139 Little wonders never hurts. Especially nice when miracles - part of reality. Your favorite city. Your favorite bridge. Magic balloon flights. Magical full moon. Are you ready? I ask you - are you ready? N-138 The next time you visit France, by all means go to the Moulin Rouge. It is famous for its long history, impressive performances and catchy dances. You learn a cabaret on the big red mill. And another for your photo on a nearby building. N-137 American Standard gas station. Nothing special. People come here to repair the car, add fuel to it. Refreshments and use the phone. Your picture will be here at an opportune moment. N-136 'Take a good look at this person. This is my friend. Who hurt - will have to deal with me. Let him look not only to Russia. I want him to know the whole world.' Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. N-135 Such a clean desk. Stylish new napkins. And ... dirty cup. Want to bet? Find a better image for this cup. It should sparkle like a diamond of 25 carats. Soon to come visit. They should be blinded. N-134 Your image in front of parking bicycles. A person parks the bike - he sees you. Man drives off on a bicycle - can see you. Stealing - once again sees you. You are a celebrity, you do not yet understand? N-133 You are important person in her life. Your image is always worth it in the phone, a notebook, in the mind ... Do not let her ... Bring her toilet paper. N-132 Image in the heart. Will give a romantic evening with someone you love. Will remember the wonderful days of the beginning of relationships. Nothing more. Classic. N-131 The next time you sell the products of the company BOSS, do not forget that the best seller will be posted on the board of honor in all stores. By the way, my congratulations. N-130 To be behind bars - it is not very pleasant I think. If you haven't committed crimes you may relax and enjoy your life. But why not to become a prisoner for fun? This effect will help you. Just paste you photo. N-129 Candles. Clock on a chain. Old books. It seems that time have stopped. But we are still waiting that somebody will come and turn the pages of the book. Do you want to be the main hero or heroine of this book? Just paste your photo. N-128 What a lovely puppy! It looks very attentive at your photo. But don't afraid. The puppy won't eat it or bark at it. It just sniffs. Do you want to pat this puppy? It seems that the puppy waits it. N-127 I think this nice cat loves you. Just watch the way it holds your photo. It's because your eyes radiate happiness and your smile is very kind. It feels the tenderness. Look! The cat falls asleep. It is so cute!