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N-126 Have you ever imagined that your posters will be everywhere? But it's a fact. People can see your photo even at the parking. It will be very sad if your beauty will be the cause of the car accident. N-125 You were famous even in the 30s. People loved you and wanted to see you photos. Your posters were everywhere. You have been a style icon. Men admired you and women wanted to look like you. Paste a photo to return to those days. N-124 It is so cute to have a photo in such frame. Maybe it will be your photo in childhood or a photo of your baby. You also can paste a photo of your loved. Don't think it will be too childlike. Just enjoy! N-123 Have you ever wanted to be on the posters of magazines? Yes? Your photos attract people. They buy magazines not to read articles they just want to see you. It's difficult to deny the desire to see you... even in the toilet. Well, he is impressed. N-122 It seems that you believe in fairytales. You want to win Quidditch World Cup or maybe to cast spells on guys. You always dreamed to be a star of Harry Potter. Just paste your photo and magic will help you. N-121 Have you ever wanted to be on the poster? To be famous and well known? Have you ever wanted to sign autographs? Yes? It's your chance to make your wishes come true. Just paste your photo and you will be a star. N-120 Compare your picture in different colours with this Photoshop effect. Perhaps you will learn something about yourself that you haven't known before. Or at least you will get a good deal of new experience. N-119 Try this Photoshop effect to take your picture into a lightbox at the subway station in Zurich. Nobody says it is something you can't do without. But why shouldn't you do a little experiment? Who knows? Maybe you will like it. N-118 Do you want to represent 'Dolce and Gabbana'? It is quite possible by applying this Photoshop effect. Learn yourself from a different side! But don't let your style be influenced by anybody else. N-117 Torn and forlorned! What more could one say? Really a terrible feeling. What can cheer you up, when you feel blue? Try to laugh at yourself applying this Photoshop effect. Maybe you'll feel much better. N-116 Would you like to be so famous that paparazzi follow you to take a picture. Try this Photoshop effect just to feel how the celebrities feel always being followed by paparazzi. N-115 This Photoshop effect let you post your picture on a big board. Don't be shy to advertise yourself. If you don't do this, who else will do? N-114 Apply this Photoshop effect to create a romantic collage with flowers, printed music and your picture in the frame. N-113 A broken heart can't be be put together. So, don't let to break your heart. Love comes and love goes away. With this Photoshop effect you can create a collage in which there is a subtle shade of sadness and sensitivity.