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N-100 You may have heard about the opening of a new exhibition hall? Downtown location, spacious rooms, modern equipment, elite guard and lifts with the music of your choice. And most importantly the fact that this building - is yours. N-99 You put banner in a provincial town, but pay the workers on the capital's standards. Is it worth so throw the money? Of course, they do the job for 10 minutes. Well, as always, you will find glory and fame. N-98 Do you like Beijing? Narrow streets, a huge amount of advertising, hardworking Chinese. Hot summers and extremely cold winters. However, no one asked you - your image on the main street, come and watch. N-97 Your image hung just below the diner KFC. Thank God, you awesome - the picture will not spoil the appetite of visitors to this place. The last time there hung a portrait of Oprah and no one wanted to dine at this eatery. N-96 Barack Obama holds casting for the role of a court jester. Tell you a secret, not a very attractive position as ... So just fine, that he rejected your candidacy. But to some guy will dance all day. N-95 Apparently, you have something to spite one person. Notebook owner prepares you for the eternal contemplation of this sinful world. Unrequited love? But don't worry, it's just your picture. N-94 You are breath-taking. You have received worldwide acclaim. Your beauty outshines the Moon, the Sun and Sirius. You are on the cover of Playboy. But why this man keeps your picture in your hands? N-93 The next time you engage in advertising, try to get a small fry N-92 Pamela Anderson loves your pictures, but there are limits. They became too much. Don't obtrude, or your images will be trampled. As these. N-91 Pamela Anderson took care of you on my wall with photos of pets. You see, as she pleased? These images occur not only on the wall. Who knows, maybe you can find a softer place. N-90 The painting of you hangs at the wall of a Louvre. Looks like Mona Lisa is somewhere near or maybe you even took her place at the wall. Well, that's fair! You are young, famous and beautiful. You deserve that and Mona Lisa maybe even never existed in a real life. N-89 Be a part of the 'Little Red Riding Hood' tale. Feel yourself as a victim of a wolf, because you are now inside his stomach. Wow! That's a turn-up! But don't become upset! The offspring will keep you in mind forever (till she will be eaten as well).