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N-88 Isn't this man looks familiar to you? Well, looks like you looks familiar to him as well. Bill Gates giving his example of a new 'Internet Explorer'. Looks like you are the one who represents the new Microsoft site. N-87 Well, it's happened at last! You are now the face of a 'CHANEL'! It's a huge brand. You are now the the style itself. You are the way how the millions of people must look. You are the one who people will talk about for years. N-86 You become even more public and famous. Even football players wear the T-shirts with a picture of your face. Don't you believe me? Well, take a look by yourself. It's true! This guy is a true fan of you. N-85 The printings of you became even bigger and bigger. There will be no building which will fits the size of the printings of you in a nearest future. Well, you are famous. There's nothing to be amazed of. N-84 Everybody knows that you was a good friend of Brook Shields and Michael Jackson when he was alive. They loved to discuss your success and tremendous feeling of style. Maybe someday you will find a free minute to call Brook Shields, looks like she miss you much. N-83 Hey, which printing do you like more - this one or that one? This looks a little more brighter and that's a little more contrast. Well, at last you can take both of them. One you can hang on the wall above the bad, and the other one... Well, you decide! N-82 Feel yourself as a king or a queen of the mysterious Asia. The people of East are proud of you. Your are the real leader to them. It's because of you the East becomes the center of the World Economy! N-81 Check it out! You are now the real movie star! The movie 'Inglourious Basterds' was filmed with you as an actor, playing the role of the badass guy. Now you are the star. The popularity of Brad Pitt is in the past. You are the best actor of the year now. Enjoy this feeling! N-80 Sensation! Sensation! Tom Ford edited a new collection of modern fragrances for a real masculinity. Your picture printed on the label characterizes the essence of the fragrance and its outstanding charm. Put the bottle of perfume in such an intimate place and feel the difference... N-79 Get in touch with Mr. President - famous Barrack Obama. Just put your image in this frame and be invited to Mr. President's apartments as the hero of an interesting TV-programme calling for democracy and close national unity. N-78 Your image printed in this frame is sure to improve your mood and the whole attitude to life. It's beautiful as these colourful balloons. Send this letter to your friends or relatives with the best wishes. N-77 This image is tragic and terrible as the blockbuster 'Australia'. You may see yourself playing the leading part in the company of so bright and outstanding actors as Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. N-76 Having chosen this image you'll be given the right and true advice of becoming happy. It's very simple - just open your eyes widely and see that life is so beautiful. You'll be rather surprised to find your picture in the middle of the eye as the centre of a pretty flower.