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N-75 Who says that it's impossible to touch the star? Looking at your picture held by one of the megastars of modern pop-music Michael Jackson he'll understand that he was mistaken and he'll envy you and would like to be in your place. N-74 It's very easy to get in touch with such a stylish and extraordinary lady - just publish your best photo at the cover of 'Marie Claire' magazine and hope to be the only for her. N-73 You've got an excellent chance to print your image at the billboard placed in one of the bus stops of a modern megapolis. It's late at night, the streets are so deserted and you are looking and probably feeling rather lonely. N-72 This picture brings You into ancient times. One may even feel the smell of the folio dated 1862 and published in Paris. You may feel yourself at the beginning of an exciting life story being the hero of the first volume and there'll be so much good in future. N-71 Using this effect it is possible to create your own personal stamp with a fixed price and a seal of a certain post-office. Sending it to someone who is so dear to you makes him feel your love and understand the role he is playing in your life. N-70 Your photo is now even at the T-shirts! I was at the basketball yesterday and saw one of such a T-shirts at one of the basketball fans. Well, you look nice there and most of a time I was looking at the boy's T-shirt besides a game. N-69 I was at the Shanghai last week and saw you face at the huge big screen, that was at the wall of a building, which is situated at the center of the city. Looks like you have a contract with N-68 Happy birthday sweetheart! I made a cake for you with your face on it! You know, I like It so much, that I wouldn't even eat that cake, to don't ruin you beautiful face at this top, so that's all is for you and for you only! N-67 There's a PLAYBOY with your face at it's cover already came out! Amazing! The sales of the PLAYBOY grows up now because of you! I think It will be a good design for this magazine to place your beautiful face at the cover of the next month PLAYBOY issue. N-66 I was buying a shirt yesterday, and you know what? I saw your face right at the wall of this shop? Do they have a contract with you? My god, you are so famous, that I bought all the shirts that fits me from that shop. N-65 Another publicity placard with your face! It can't be! I see your face so often, that it makes me think, that you have put yourself to the vote at some kinds of the elections. Is it true? Well, I'm up to vote for you then. N-64 I saw your photo yesterday at the bus stop commercial poster. What are you selling this time? Shampoo? Cigarettes? Anyway, If you find just a little time for me, please receive my call! You model career ruins our love! N-63 No way! Is it you face there at the enormous big board? What? Oh, I forgot, you are the face of a year! How could I forget? One your photo costs millions and all cosmetic companies fighting each other for the contract with you. N-62 Wanna be a face of a big competition? There's nothing easier! Just use this effect and you'll be able to see how thousands of people watching your beautiful face at the big board! Amazing, isn't it? Let the crowd watch you!