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N-61 Do you want to be a part of somebodies desktop? Maybe you dreamed whole you life about a model career? Well, now you have an opportunity to feel yourself as a person, who's face is well known to all over the world. N-60 When such a girl decorated her office with your picture it means that you must be popular in the business circles. Try this Photoshop effect to check if your face can really decorate an office. N-59 Do you want to have your picture done as a drawing in pencil? With this Photoshop effect it is possible. And maybe it will suit your likings. Why shouldn't you try and see how it looks like? N-58 Would you like to be photographed? Why not? With this Photoshop effect you will see how your picture looks like before taking a photo. N-57 Decorate your favorite coffee cup with your picture! Sounds great, doesn't it. With this Photoshop effect it is quite possible. Just inset your picture in the frame and you'll see how gorgeous it looks. And it doesn't have to be your face. You can take a flower or something else. N-56 It is beyond all expectations. Experience it. Applying this Photoshop effect you can create a collage where there's much light and much dark but your picture in the center of attention. Looks really enjoyable! You won't regret it. N-55 A very extraordinary Photoshop effect! There is no use to describe it. Just try to make a collage with it and you'll see what it looks like. Maybe it will provoke laughter or astonishment but you'll surely never be bored. N-54 Become a real a real hit of advertising. Try this Photoshop effect to see if you are worth it. Nobody knows where the road goes. Maybe some day you'll express yourself this way. N-53 Your picture in the interactive pen display beind worked at by some graphic designer. Intriguing, isn't it? Create such a collage with this Photoshop effect. Let the collage pleasure your eyes. Give yourself a hug! N-52 'Say cheese!' shouted a boy and took a snap-shot of yours with the camera of his celly. Apply this Photoshop effect to see whether you look great in that picture. N-51 Your face on the cover of a fashion magazine means that you are the face of the fashion. And a subtle hint at the owner of the magazine: what's the use having 40 pairs of shoes in the closet and only 5 books on the shelf. Such an edifying collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. N-50 It is just like a shot from a film. You will feel like a famous star from Hollywood, because you are worth being famous, popular and known all over the world. N-49 Your photo will be near the clock in ancient style. It is very suitable to the black-and-white style. It has also some romantic underlying message. Your photo will be fascinating an be sure that no one will be able to pass by without looking at your ambrosial beauty. N-48 Your photo is composed from some small parts that are ideally done for each other. Your photo with this effect will be the best one from all others. N-47 It looks like a frame from green grass to your admirable photo. Just be sure that it will decorate any fence and everyone will be in a queue to visit you. Everyone will want to see how you look like in reality. You will outshine everybody.