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N-46 Your photo will be an original adornment to any building, no matter what it is: a living house or a government institution. Use this effect and you will receive evidence that it is true. N-45 Every woman dreams about being the main character of the novel. Use this effect and your will come true. Then slip not the chance when it is in your power. N-44 The game will stop, all the fans will look at your because of your photo displaying at the stadium. Everyone will be spellbound by your beauty. Just don't be shy and all the people that are fond of sport will be near your knees. N-43 Your photo suits to all billboards, you can be in all glamorous fashion magazines. Why not to start from making from this effect and then you will be sure about it. N-42 Do you love Will Smith? He is a dream of practically every woman. Do you want him to think all the time only about you? Do you want to be the only woman that he heeds about? You have a chance! Make a photo and you can be sure about it. N-41 Imagine if really handsome young man passes through your photo, will he stop spellbounded? Surely!!! Make a photo with such an effect and you'll achieve success in any case. N-40 A newspaper on the table. A cup of coffee on the newspaper. And your picture in the newspaper. Maybe somebody wrote about you. You'll never know until you create a collage with this Photoshop effect. N-39 Do you like to go shopping? Take a shopping bag with your picture on it. How would it look like? All she ever wanted was a little credit...That's the motto. Try this Photoshop effect to check if you really want to have your face on that bag. N-38 Being in the shop-window together with some top model? Sounds great. Apply this Photoshop effect to make sure you look much better than she. Or at least not much worse. N-37 Going under sails in the high seas! What could be better. And if one of the sails is decorated with your picture? Create such a collage with this Photoshop effect. Looks really splendid! Just the blue sky and water all around. N-36 If you want to see how your picture would look like on the display of your cellar phone, try this Photoshop effect. Maybe it isn't worth posting it there. N-35 Would you like to become the face of an advertising campaign of a famous company? No problem. Apply this Photoshop effect to make your dreams come true. That's just it. So, what do you feel? It's hard to imagine! N-34 Are you ready to be at the top? Above all in the crowded street looking calmly at the people beneath. Post your picture in this frame and you will see how it would look like. Incredible experience! N-33 Exhibitions attract interest of many people. They look forward to seeing something new and unusual. And when they see your picture among the exhibits they will wonder who that is. Try this Photoshop effect just for fun. N-32 Imagine a picture of yours in the shop-window. 'How is it possible?', you can probably ask. With our Photoshop effects everything is possible. Just try and you will see what you get. And it is interesting to know how you would look like. N-31 If you want to see your face in an unusual place you can create such a collage with this funny Photoshop effect. Your picture in the lightbox in front of some steak house! Isn't it a funny thing.