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N-30 Many people are crazy about their cars. They treat them as babies, they take care of them and worship them. Some even decorate cars to show their own style. Apply this Photoshop effect if you would like to see a car decorated with your picture. N-29 100 bucks - Benjamin Franklin, 50 bucks - Ulysses Grant, 20 bucks - you. That's what you can do with this Photoshop effect. Why shouldn't you try to see how it looks like? Extraordinary, isn't it? N-28 It's dead trendy to wear T-shirts with one's own face on them. Perhaps you would like to order a couple of such things. But first get to know if it's really worth doing with this Photoshop effect. Maybe you will save some money. N-27 You will double up with laughter when you see where you picture can be placed with this Photoshop effect. Or maybe it's all happening in Africa where it's always hot and people don't have to wear clothes N-26 Get the taste of being popular! So popular that the whole building is decorated with the picture of yours. Apply this Photoshop effect to see how it would look like. You can also take a picture of your friend. Just for fun. N-25 Happy, happy Valentine! You will always be in the heart of mine. This Photoshop effect will help you to create a tender collage with a picture of your beloved in it. Really gorgeous! N-24 Never in your sweetest dreams you could have imagined to see your face on the cover of a popular magazine. Experience this feeling! Try this Photoshop effect and you will see how attractive you are. N-23 You have received a letter. And there is a picture inside. You have taken the picture out of the envelope and it has turned out that it is a vintage photo of yours. Such a collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. N-22 A street painter is drawing with inspiration. Guess whom he is drawing! No idea? He is drawing you. And you could apply this Photoshop effect to make such a collage. N-21 Experience something new! Express yourself! Find out in what unexpected places your picture can be. With this Photoshop effect it is possible to create a collage with your photo on the advertising canvas in the empty shopping mall. N-20 Dozens of people will succeed each other until they have finished drawing your image on the city wall. Men take over the top, maybe it will be your face. Children draw the bottom. They both work hard because they love you. N-19 Oh, those London graffiti! Take a look closely, it is quite possible that a tomboy now paints your dog or even a place where you grew up. Never know what they have in mind. Be ready for anything! N-18 The plane was to take the parcel from Argentina. They are very strange things are packed, but do not forget to stick your picture on the box. From all sides, the parcel is not lost. Well, since the pilot was in a hurry, a box dropped from the air in the center of your city. Take care! N-17 Museums, fairs, many flights on transnational exhibition. Hundreds of eyes to your creation. You are ready to make this image was chosen? Then make sure that it does not disgrace the honor of the country. N-16 Woow! Your picture has just picked up a Johnny Depp? He carefully examined it, and it seems he liked it. He will not give it to you. In this case, slay him and take away your photo.