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N-15 Coffee in bed, flowers and candy. Hundreds of expensive gifts, yachts, houses and the racecourse. Is it necessary? In fact, your picture on the cover of fashion magazine is the best gift. N-14 She wants to tell you my friends. Do not interrupt her. Perhaps it will become the sole. In the meantime, just enjoy the fact that Mischa Barton pasted your image all over the wall. N-13 New York. Noisy dusty streets. How do you want to send it all to hell. But .. if you put yourself on the main street display - everything changes. Are you ready for what you will learn in the streets? N-12 Take a closer look ... Perhaps on one of the main streets you can see an image of your friend? Oh no! This is you - at the center of attention. N-11 Wizard makes a first-class advertising banner from your pictures. You will see a banner in the development process. A little patience, and you become a celebrity. N-10 Do you like dogs? Surely you do. Without any doubt they are the most faithful friends. They don't lie, they never betray, they keep your house safe. And they keep you safe in the real life and in this collage holding your picture in the Rubik's Cube. N-9 It is getting dark. The night is falling on the town. Very often the night means danger. But your picture in the shop-window is lighting people the way home with this Photoshop effect. Imagine yourself being Prometheus. N-8 Remove everything what is old. You are coming instead. With this funny Photoshop effect you create a new face in the street. And it is yours. Why shouldn't you try? Looks really great! N-7 Picture yourself in the subway neon lights. Create such a collage with this Photoshop effect. Trains and people are passing by but you stay there for ever in the shiny neon lights. N-6 A lonely street. A girl is walking her dog but she seems to be upset. Maybe your picture with a smile on your face makes her feel better. Try this Photoshop effect to check if you could really make people feel happier. N-5 Your picture can be doubled. In the reality and on the canvas of a painter. Take one of your romantic photos and create such a collage with this Photoshop effect. You will surely like it. N-4 Imagine an innocent blond looking at the picture of yours. She is dreaming of you. She is waiting for you. Create a collage with this Photoshop effect and it will come true. N-3 Your picture can be as big as a building. Everybody is going to think you are a celebrity. With this Photoshop effect there is nothing impossible. And it doesn't even look funny. It looks cool! N-2 Would you like to see your face in a billboard? For everybody to look at. Try this Photoshop effect and you will learn if you can really be a public person. If you can, maybe you will run for the President. N-1 A pretty babe holding a poster with your photo! Can you imagine that? What can be more pleasant? Create this Photoshop effect and all your friends will envy you for sure.