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N-697 Oh, it's all about spring. It is coming and your heart is beating faster. A very charming collage with the willow tree can be made with this Photoshop effect. Let the spring colors indulge your eyes. N-696 One more chance to make a wallpaper for your computer. This time with soccer motifs. There is a ball on the left hand side and your picture on the right. With a good deal of imagination you can also say that the Earth has turned into a ball because there are stars all around. N-695 A never-ending fight between Tom and Jerry is going on. Maybe you can stop it with your photo. If not, then at least you will get a cool photo frame with these famous cartoon characters to decorate your photo album. N-694 This funny Photoshop effect will turn your photo into a chalk drawing near the menu of snacks in some restaurant. The menu is also written with chalk, so you will match each other perfectly. Take a look if you don't believe! N-693 Two doctors are examining X-ray shots. In one of them you will find your photo. That's how this photo frame looks like. Try it and perhaps you will learn something about yourself that you haven't known before. N-692 Create a lovely wallpaper with this Photoshop effect! There's going to be a bumblebee on a flower against the green background with your photo. Quite a relaxing thing for the eyes, you know. N-691 If you paste your picture into this photo frame, you'll create a funny collage with the cat Garfield, who is holding your photo in his paw looking at some man cunningly. Maybe he'd like to get some Whiskas. N-690 Everything is going to be topsy-turvy with soap bubbles and snowdrops in this photo frame. Looks creative, charming and unusual. The only thing you have to do is to choose the right photo. N-689 One more funny photo frame, in which you will find yourself in the company of the movie character Rango. You may even pick up a photo of your friend because there is a place for a second picture. N-688 This Photoshop effect will help you to make a photo frame or a collage with the famous movie character Spider Man. What else is remarkable about it is the fact that you create a very vivid effect of your own presence. N-687 In this photo frame you will paste your pictures back into your camera. It is really amusing because you put you your photos there where they have actually come from. So, say N-686 The headquarters of MI-6, James Bond, code name 007. James is looking attentively at the computer display - the place where you can upload your picture. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Try this photo frame with your pictures! You are sure to like it. N-685 With this Photoshop effect you can place your pictures at the subway entrance. Quite a crowded spot, isn't it. But this time that is not the case because it is late in the night and the streets of the city are empty. N-684 In this photo frame your picture will be double reflected in the green eyes of some unusual bug. Or maybe it's not a bug but an alien. If it is one, it doesn't look very friendly. But your reflection in its eyes proves that it is staring at you. N-683 This Photoshop effect can break your photos into pieces. If you choose a portrait photo, it looks as if you were in prison behind the bars. Do you want to know how it looks like? Then upload your pictures to check. N-682 Quite a scary shot from a horror movie. A vampire is looking closely at the picture you can upload here. Hopefully vampires don't exist in the real life otherwise you'd better stay at home when it's getting dark.