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N-652 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a large burning heart for the Valentine's Day. There is also a possibility to add  Valentine's greetings to your picture. All you have to do is to find the right words. N-651 On the 14th of February wish your loved ones a happy Valentine's Day. This pink photo frame with tulips is a Valentine's Day-themed Photoshop effect. You can also write a Valentine message in the special box. N-650 One more lovely collage, which worth trying. It is also devoted to love - the evergreen topic of all times. Most of the people would like to hear N-649 It is a beautiful photo frame for the picture of your beloved with rounded corners and a good deal of tiny, small and big hearts. You can decorate with it practically everything and won't pity it at all. N-648 When your photo is going to turn into a mirage in the sky, it can be a lovely wallpaper theme for your computer. Until you get bored of it, of course. Then you can create another one. N-647 Advertise a new kind of natural cosmetics with this Photoshop effect. Especially if you are a representative of the company, which it produces. Don't forget that you have to choose two pictures for this collage, otherwise it will look somehow imperfect. N-646 By applying this Photoshop effect you can turn your photos into multicolored or black and white drawings done in pencil. The only problem is which you would like more! And there is a bunch of flowers around them too. N-645 That's a children frame with a cub, which is busy drawing your portrait. Certainly if you have pasted it into. Adults can watch their television without being worried. Your kids are in the reliable paws! N-644 This photo frame made in form of a heart-shaped red cup with a saucer. But the most striking thing in it is your reflection in the coffee. You have never drunk yourself, have you? It seems that nobody has. N-643 He looks dangerous, he looks terrible. But who cares? The lady in this photo frame doesn't. Neither do you, because you are there just in the picture on the wall. Or maybe he isn't as bad as he looks like. N-642 With this photo frame you will find your picture in the window of the book-maker company N-641 This Photoshop effect will help you to paste your picture into a golden frame with lush roses around it. It allows you to create a festive mood even if the weather is cold and nasty. N-640 This black-and-white Photoshop frame depicts your picture on the screen of the TV-set. Watching television? And what else should you do if the weather is nasty and all your friends are busy with their own chores? N-639 You can create a calendar page for February with this Photoshop effect. It looks charming and brilliant, and its colour reminds you that the winter is over soon. Besides that February is the shortest month of the year.