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N-638 People come to the art gallery to speak about the eternal. But if there's a beautiful girl close up, the eternal is forgotten. At least when she is here. But your pictures belong to the eternal because they are hanging on the wall in this Photoshop frame. N-637 With this Photoshop frame your collection of wallpapers will grow. Your picture over dark silhouettes of skyscrapers underlines bleakness of the city when the weather is bad and gloomy. Try it to see how it looks like. N-636 Some city in Asia. It is probably in South Korea or in China. But no matter where it is! The main thing is that you can paste your pictures in the sights of downtown, so that everybody can see them. N-635 With this Photoshop effect you can modify your image so that you'll find it on a tea cup. There's an old radio on the table and maybe Elvis is singing... It works better with half-length portraits because the cup isn't so big. Well, take a look and you'll see what you get. N-634 This Photoshop collage can contain pictures of your friends and the one of yours as well. Thus you will have pictures of your best friends all in one place. So, let them come together right now! N-633 This Photoshop frame looks like a worn-out photo with cut edges. You can create a black-and-white realistic old-fashioned picture of yourself. For some people it's going to be quite a new experience, isn't it? N-632 Some people are crazy about cats. If you are, then this Photoshop frame is for you because there are plenty of them. You will need two pictures for it to fill the empty boxes in. Funny kittens live in the rest of them. N-631 It's always a lot of fun to experiment with different techniques of Photoshop and to spice up boring pictures or to make them into artworks. This Photoshop effect lets you create a lovely N-630 When it's getting dark and the weather is rainy, there are lights in the street, which show people the way home. With this Photoshop effect you can paste your picture into one of such lightboxes. N-629 You are going to choose two pictures for this collage. And what will you get in the end? You will never know before you try. After all the proof of the pudding is in the eating. N-628 Another floral collage! But this time there are not only flowers but some other plants either. And also dog-rose hips and butterflies. A real delight for the eyes of nature-lovers. N-627 You can create a lovely floral collage with this Photoshop effect. Your photo seems to blend into the background made of flowers and you look just gorgeous. It is better to choose a portrait photo for it because you may get lost in the kingdom of blossom. N-626 The Jungle Book: Mowgli and his friends! The more Mowgli's friends you have, the safer you feel in the jungle. But speaking seriously this Photoshop frame is a wonderful gift for all admirers of the book and the cartoon. N-625 Billboards never seem to disappear as a type of outdoor advertising. Sometimes they just get on your nerves. But if you see your face on them, you feel a kind of proud. With this Photoshop effect you can install them along the roads and streets. N-624 Another day in paradise! Maybe it is Thailand or maybe the Philippines. It doesn't matter very much. The sun is setting and it will be dark soon. But the time spent here will stay in your memory forever. Even when it was an imaginary vocation. N-623 Your picture can adorn even the most dreary landscape with this Photoshop effect. The industrial area of every city is usually depressive and gloomy. Try to make it better with your cheerful pictures.