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N-257 Your picture on the display of a supermodern gadget? Nothing special you will say. But you can inset a picture of something unusual. A ClipArt or stuff like that. There are a lot of possibilities for a new design. N-256 100 most beautiful and you are the first. Because you are on the cover of N-255 A fascinating collage will be created with this Photoshop effect: torn photographic film with blurred edges where you can inset your image. Perfect for practical jokes and things like that. Try it just to see how it looks like. N-254 One more movies' Photoshop effect. It's hard to say whether you will like it but nevertheless it is worth trying. Perhaps you will find yourself side by side with your favourite movies character. N-253 Plunge into the magic world of movies with this Photoshop effect. Maybe you will experience something new and unknown. Because the truth is over there, as they used to say. A breathtaking view! N-252 If you are a cinema-goer, this Photoshop effect is for you. It will help you to inset your picture into the poster of a blockbuster which was recently on. If you aren't, why shouldn't you do some experiments? N-251 This Photoshop effect will turn your photo into a drawing of a street painter done in pencil. So, it's better to take a portrait of yours for this one. Try it to see if the painter really has an artistic talent. N-250 That is the very thing for a wedding: two connected hearts against a festive background. And the photos of the bride and groom can be put inside. Try this charming Photoshop effect just to make sure that it is really so. N-249 A pin-up is drawing your portrait. That's really tough! Can you imagine that? But everything is possible with Photoshop. Don't miss a chance of creating such a collage. You are sure to like it. N-248 Wanna become a model? The lightbox in front of a fashion store is just the right place to check if you are the right person for this job. Jump at the opportunity to identify yourself in the business with this Photoshop effect. N-247 Express yourself in creating a romantic calendar with this Photoshop effect. It will be beyond all your expectations. And there are so many spring colours that you will feel the spring coming. Nothing to say. It has an enchanting effect. N-246 If you want to see how your face would look like on a coin, apply this Photoshop effect. Yeah, everything is as it must be - embossed and with tiny scratches. It's interesting to know if you recognize yourself. N-245 Do you like soccer? If you do, then this Photoshop effect frame is for you. Because there are two boys with a ball waiting to score you a goal. And for your picture as well. Got interested? Try! N-244 This Photoshop effect will help you to create a collage in black and white with winter motives. There is a tiger in it and you can join it by downloading your picture into the frame. Just take a look at this. N-243 It's a combination of an oil painting with a sketch in pencil. And the picture you take for this Photoshop effect turns into the sketch which typical Santa Claus holds in his hand. Looks a bit old-fashioned but nevertheless artful.