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N-242 You can inset your photo into a charming frame by applying this Photoshop effect. The edges of the picture will be softly blurred and the change-over upon the background in the Christmas motives will give a feeling of holiday spirits. N-241 You will need 4 different pictures for a lovely New Year collage you can create with this Photoshop effect. One of them has to be bigger and the others smaller. What will you get in the end? You'll never know before you try it. N-240 Santa seems to have got tipsy. At least he is dancing lubberly. If you want to create a collage with drunken Santa Claus, apply this Photoshop effect. You will double up with laughter because it is going to be interesting. N-239 The winter is not over yet but it goes soon. Try this Photoshop effect and make a collage with your picture inside a glass sphere. It is snowing in there but you don't care. Looks really great. N-238 We are looking forward to Christmas gifts. And if it is a gift like that? Males won't stay indifferent for sure. So make yourself a gift by creating a collage with this Photoshop effect. N.B. For adults only! N-237 On Christmas Eve everybody wants to look like Santa Claus. Even this graceful cutie. But her dress is too short and she could hardly go in it to the cold countries. Perhaps you will help her with her clothes by applying this Photoshop effect. N-236 The Christmas tree decorated with shiny toys and coloured lights is a fun for children. You can hang a toy with your picture upon that magic tree. Apply this Photoshop effect and maybe you will see what you would like to see. N-235 Can you imagine Santa Claus writing in a notebook with your picture on the cover. Try this Photoshop effect and you will see how it looks like. A little bit funny, doesn't it? But Christmas is the time of wonders. Everything may happen. N-234 People say that anticipation of a holiday is much more pleasant than the holiday itself. Decorating the Christmas tree is a part of the foretaste. This Photoshop effect will help you to decorate your own Christmas tree with a picture of yours. N-233 On the eve of Christmas everything must be prepared in the household. Nice pictures too. Create a cute collage with a photo of your Mom or Dad by applying this Photoshop effect. They are sure to like it. N-232 It's all about Christmas again! The collage that can be created with this Photoshop effect shows Santa Claus in an open sleigh who is riding through deep snow with a pair of deer. And certainly he has got presents for children. N-231 Start celebrating Christmas with this Photoshop effect right now! You can load your picture into the frame and will get a lovely collage with a girl bringing Christmas gifts. Besides your image will turn into a rough watercolour. N-230 One more Christmas Photoshop effect. You can inset pictures of your dearest and beloved here. There's no doubt they will like your collage and appreciate it. Give them a hug and a kiss. And stay with them in the magic world of the winter holidays. N-229 Isn't it the strangest thing,
                                 That Santa is so shy?<br>
                                 And we can never catch him,
                                 No matter how we try.<br>
                                 It isn't any use to watch,
                                 Because my parents said:<br>
                                 Santa Claus will only come
                                 When children are in bed!<br>
But you might see when Santa Claus comes by applying this Photoshop effect with your picture in it. N-228 This collage might be created on a special occasion. Everything looks so festive that you want to shout N-227 Oh, that's really funny and a kind of shocking at the same time. But it will surely provoke a smile. To make a long story short, one can say: if you can't ski, don't go skiing. At least you won't have to ask for help with your picture.